Through its mission and core values, Good Neighbors conducts business with three major business principles : professionalism, transparency, and sustainability.
We are also committed to the responsibilities of the Republic of Korea as a reliable and trustworthy organization through transparent and trustworthy accounting management and organizational operations.

Comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and make the Audit and Inspection Sheet details clearly.

Manage the funding under strict regulations based on relevant laws and regulations.

Report the income, expenditure details, and annual business performance of the sponsor (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, the National Tax Service, etc.) transparently.

Disclosure of financial information, such as general information, contributions, and expenditures of the corporation.

Regular management and evaluation of domestic and oversea operations.

QuickBooks and ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) operate an enterprise-wide computerized accounting system.

Obtain professional audits from reputable external organizations.

Every year we conduct financial and project audit.

Protect and strictly manage the valuable personal information of the people who live together with Good Neighbors.

Good Neighbors complies with personal information privacy guidelines. Member information is systematically managed by Good Neighbors CRM(Customer Relationship Management), and volunteers. Volunteer personnel and executives, are strictly managed to prevent loss of personal information, theft, leaks, tampering, damage, tampering, and misuse.

Build transparent and healthy organizational cultures by strengthening the internal reporting system through 'Clean Center' operation.

A company to notify employees of various unethical acts such as violation of business regulations and violation of human rights practices to create transparent and ethical organizational culture.

Hire employees based on mission and vision and periodically conduct employee ethics training.

Choose the right person for your child's protection activities based on the ability to share your vision and fulfill your key values, and focus on changing the minds of your children.

Employee experience inquiry is mandatory when recruiting employees and conducts an in-control examination through specialized psychology testing institutions.

The former employee of the Good Neighbors faithfully adheres to the principles of child protection and conducts ethical training in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Ethical Conduct and conducts ethical training in accordance with the Code of Ethics.

2021 USA Financial Overview

Annual Report

Good Neighbors reports the details of the project and its contents throught the annual report. Our detailed report give you a detailed view of performance and the extent of change made throught the Good Neighbors projects.


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