My Dear Child

"Sharing a portion of what I have brings
me a king of joy that I’ve never experienced, and it allows children to achieve their dreams.

My life and a child’s life can be transformed at the same time."

I’ve seen now how donations
can turn children’s hopes
and dreams into reality.

After meeting children in Kenya who can now
attend school because of child sponsorships.

One person may not be able to
accomplish everything by himself,
but starting small can create a butterfly effect,
changing a child’s whole life.

Please join us in impacting a child’s
life through Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship Guidelines

Experience the joy of giving by creating a connection with a child.

  • 1Introduction to your sponsored child.
  • An Annual Child Report will be sent to you showing your child’s progress.
    (First reports will be sent after your first year as a member)
  • 3Letters from your sponsored child.
  • Within 3-4 weeks after registering you’ll receive
    a card with a picture and an introduction of the child.
  • 2Updates of your child’s growth.
  • Keep in touch with your sponsored
    child through written letters!

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