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2018 Annual Report

We are deeply grateful for your generous supports


[Community Development Projects]
Good Neighbors conducts 192 Community Development Projects in 35 countries around the world through a comprehensive approach.

- Good Change News 

Through Good Neighbor’s G.I.F.T Chicken project, we provide families to generate steady income by selling the eggs in the market. The Good Neighbor’s community development projects give families an opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty.

The effort’s Good Neighbors include educational projects designed to expand the quality and accessibility of education, allowing children in 32 countries to reach their potential.

- Good Change News

Good Learning Center
Yuadaara, the Cambodian student, who did not know the alphabet now became fluent in English through Good Neighbors. In cooperation with the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, Good Neighbors educated Pakistan girls regarding their rights and how to thrive for their future. Good Neighbors work in Pakistan, Malawi, and Uganda with emphasis on teaching children with girls’ rights.
In 2018, Good Neighbors implemented projects such as the construction of health facilities, mother-children health services, medication, vaccine support, and nutritional assistance in 31 countries around the world.

- Good Change News

Uganda’s Kymasa area has high maternal and child mortality rates. But a good change came with our community health workers.
“Since Good Neighbors came to our village, there are a growing number of mothers who are giving birth safely and healthy growing children.”
-Uganda Kimasa District Community Health Committee-

[Good water project]
In 2018, Good Neighbors supported construction and quality improvement efforts on drinking water, drainage, and sanitation facilities in 27 countries.

- Good Change News

Guatemala’s Small Wave of Miracle.
“Thanks to the support of Good Neighbors, we can now drink clean water from our
homes, and there is less of us who suffer from stomachache. The Water and Sanitation Committee installed water purification facilities at the school, and all the children in school can drink water safely.
-Jiuma Barrera/ Parent-

[Emergence Relife] 
Good Neighbors offers humanitarian assistance to areas plagued by conflicts or natural disaster. We support communities through disaster recovery projects helping people return to their daily lives as soon as possible.

- Good Change News

– Emergency Relief Projects
Indonesia Earthquake Relief in Lombok, Indonesia
-Occurrence: August 2018
-Support Status: August 2017 ~ Still going
-Good Neighbors provided housing, drinking water sanitation facility, local medical service group, and medical service for 6,736 people.
Even as of now, Good Neighbors seek out neighbors who need our help around the world. We promise to continue to help children in need around the world and bring good changes. 


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