Development Project

What We Do?

Good Neighbors is conducting Community Development Projects(CDP) to create an environment where children are able to grow up healthy and their rights are protected. Good Neighbors’ expertise in education, child protection, health, water and sanitation, income generation, child rights advocacy, and community partnerships engenders change in communities and strengthen their self-reliance. Good Neighbors pursues the sustainable development of communities through empowerment, leadership, ownership and harmony with their environment.


We support children from underprivileged families to realize their potentials by providing greater access to education, relevant facilities, high-quality educational programs, and qualified teachers.


We provide diverse health services for the children and community members suffering due to poor medical environments and lack of basic services. We are committed to improving health for all through health programs such as nutrition, regular medical check-ups, and vaccinations.


To ensure sources to clean water and sanitary living environment for the communities, we build and manage facilities such as wells, water pumps, and ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines. More importantly, we strive for the community members to adopt healthy and sanitary behaviors through education and awareness programs. We also organize water sanitation committees to create a sustainable and healthy environment.


We work with local partners to empower business capacity of the community by introducing diverse economy initiatives. We invite them to participate in the system of social and solidary economy characterized by cooperatives and social enterprises in order to enhance the economic rights, ownership, and sustainable growth.


We strive to bring institutional changes by supporting children and members of vulnerable social groups to have proper civic awareness, alerting the international communities of social inequality, and advocating for policy changes.


We encourage local communities and groups, such as Community Development Committee (CDC), to engage in decision-making processes, ultimately promoting sustainable development. Moreover, we work together with local governments and related agencies to maximize the influence on society.

Humanitarian Assistance

We implement a wide range of humanitarian assistance programs ranging from disaster response to the protracted refugee situations across the world. We closely cooperate with governments of the affected countries and UN agencies, such as UNOCHA, UNHCR, and WFP for effective delivery of humanitarian aid to people suffering from natural as well as man-made disasters. Also we provide professional psycho-social support for children affected by humanitarian crises in order to prevent of PTSD and increase the resilience of children and communites affected.

International Cooperation

We are engaged in many joint projects through our global network with UN and other international agencies. - Form partnership with UNHCR for refugees - Join the ‘Saemaul Zero Hunger Communities’ Project led by the government of the Republic of Korea and WFP as an implementing partner.


Good Neighbors USA

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