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Emergency Relief

$250,000USD to Aid Cyclone Victims in Mozambique.


Good Neighbors USA is accepting donations to help with the Mozambican emergency relief efforts in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai.
  • Cyclone Idai and Southeast African floods hit Mozambique and destroyed an area of 1,200 square miles.
  • Good Neighbors is responding by preparing an emergency relief team and the relief fund of $250,000USD.
  • Good Neighbors sent an on-site team to the affected area of Mozambique and Malawi.

A deadly tropical cyclone, Idai, has swept through Mozambique and Malawi.
Idai is the strongest cyclone on record in the Southern Hemisphere. The heavy storms have killed hundreds of people, with countless more missing. Heavy rains are continuing to destroy property and homes. According to the Government of Mozambique, and U.N agency, at least 477 confirmed deaths and is expected to exceed 1,000 people. Approximately, 1.8 million people were in the direct path of the catastrophic cyclone and at least 655,000 people need assistance. The rescue team struggling to search for more survivors and the missing people.

Lives Swept Away
The cyclone, which made landfall in Mozambique’s Sofala region last Thursday, pounded the area with heavy rain and 106-mph winds. Beira’s 500,000 residents lost power in the storm. More than 90% of the properties in Beira area is completely destroyed. The heavy rains have flooded fields and crops have been destroyed. Electricity and water supplies have been impacted by the rains and floods and other critical infrastructures destroyed. The Mozambique government declared the state of emergency on March 20th and is focusing on responding to the aftermath.

Good Neighbors is Conducting Emergency Relief for Mozambique
An international humanitarian NGO, Good Neighbors proceeded emergency relief about a scale of a 250,000USD in Mozambique.
Our organization sent an on-site team to the affected area. The field team worked with the Mozambique government to investigate the local situation, and necessary supplies. Good Neighbors is planning to cooperate with U.N and Mozambique government to discuss the ongoing response and proceed to provide life-saving relief supplies to the affected areas.
The Emergency Relief Response team manager, Lee Jae-Wong, said “It is difficult for the Mozambique and Malawi to confirm the exact damage level because cyclone has flooded the entire village, and the village has disappeared. Our goal is to respond with professional emergency relief so residents can find relief quickly.”

Help people affected by Cyclone Idai.
This deadly tropical cyclone has created an urgent crisis for countless children and families. We are struggling to find missing persons due to low accessibility from damaged roads and bridges. Good Neighbors will continue to survey the demands of the site and provide the support most needed for the residents.

Please join us in prayer and donation towards family in the worst-hit areas and ensure that their livelihood will recover from the cyclone damages.
For further information or questions, please call (877)499-9898.

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