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Food for Kids

The Hunger Relief for Children in Niger


Suffering extreme drought and chronic malnutrition, children in Niger need your help. Your donation helps Good Neighbors deliver meals to children in Bakiawal Elementary School.

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About Niger, Africa
- Nearly 20 percent of the population cannot meet their food needs.
- 1.5 million people are chronically food insecure.
- 50% of people live in poverty.
- Human Development Index: 0.354. Niger ranked 189 of 189 countries.(WFP)


The Situation - The Challenges for Children in Niger

Why do we need to provide meals at school?

The “foura” is a small ball of ground and slightly fermented millet crushed with water, and this is not enough to provide proper nutrition for children. Without the meal offered in the school cafeteria, the hunger will only deepen, and children will be exposed to life-threatening health problems. Many children’s lives are threatened by severe food insecurity, flooding, and diseases. You can start impacting children’s lives by supporting funds to provide at Bakiwal Elementary School.

Please consider supporting us today
- every donation, no matter the amount, makes a difference.


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