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Emergency Relief

2018 Indonesia earthquake and tsunami


7.5 magnitude Earthquake and tsunami struck Indonesia again.
There are 1,000 casualties and 16,000 victims reported due to 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck Indonesia. The Good Neighbors staffs are already proceeding the emergency relief and responding with relief supplies and a medical service team.

Damage scale (as of 12:00 pm on October 8, 2018)
Death: 1,763, injuries: 2,632, disappearance: 265
- Residents: 62,659 people, residing in 147 shelters
- The victim population is 66,926 households, 934 villages, 1.53 million

Indonesia in need of electricity…
In the aftermath of a disaster, many buildings, residential areas, and bridges collapsed. The seven electrical substations were damaged.  This caused the entire area to be out of power and communication networks. 

Physical Damages: Furniture, bridges, buildings, electrical substations, and Palu Airport runways and control towers collapsed and damaged.
Conditions of the Site: Lack of power, lack of generator and vehicle fuel. There is also a lack in accommodation in Palu city as well as drinkable water for the people. Banks are no longer in operation

Good Neighbors is Proceeding Initial Disaster Relief Fund
Good Neighbors proceeded emergency relief about a scale of a hundred thousand dollars in Indonesia. This initiated a monitoring work by constructing hotline with the field in the day of earthquake occurrence. Also, the Good Neighbors installed an emergency situation room and began the process of damage assessment with Indonesia government.

[Good Neighbors Indonesia Branch]
- 10/6. 500 Sanitary Kit (includes toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, detergent, towel, and etc.) have been packaged and distributed to the survivors.
- 10/8 Sanitary Kits: 340 packages delivered, and remaining kits to be distributed on 10/9
-  Local Government and Red Cross Consultation for UNHRD Logistics Reception in progression.

-  Child Protection Program: In the process of constructing a child-friendly space and psychosocial support program.
-  Currently attending a local central government coordination meeting to discuss the need for ongoing support.

Please Join us in helping local residents affected!
The local residents in Indonesia are still anxious and suffering from the disaster. Please join us in prayer and donation towards family in the worst-hit areas, and ensure that their livelihood will recover.

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