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“Dad, I will always protect you.”


Agnes and Dad

“In fact, my dad’s arm is in a lot of pain…”
Six years old Agnes
loves to hold her daddy's hand while walking through the fields  of Uganda, Africa. 

Agnes’s dad lost his arm due to an accident.


Earning 50 cents a day,
It’s all he earns to get one meal of dinner every day with his family
Her dad still goes out to work for Agnes. 

 "I never got a chance to give Agnes a big warm hug with my two arms,
and that is my biggest regret."

Agnes's Dad -

"Agnes can’t go to school. 
Instead, she stays home and helps with chores"

“When daddy leaves for work, I wash dishes and clean the house.
 I want to help my daddy in every way I can.”

- Agnes -

Agnes, who loves her daddy,
has a dream of becoming a nurse.

"Dad always tells me that he is sorry...
because he can't give me a full hug, 
and he can't send me to kindergarten.
But, I still love my daddy the most in this whole world.
I want to become a nurse for my daddy, so I can fix his arm"
- Agnes -


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