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GN is conducting emergency relief for Guatemala



Good Neighbors is conducting emergency relief for Guatemala, which has been affected by the volcanic eruption.



Good Neighbors was able to survey the situation from our Guatemala office and planned our emergency relief. We are delivering nonfood emergency kits, worth $25,000, to locals and we are visiting affected regions to conduct emergency relief.
Good Neighbors Guatemala have already visited five emergency shelters and distributed 1,000 blankets and is planning to distribute mattresses. Good Neighbors Guatemala is also planning to distribute drinking water and sanitary kits to nearby regions. Also, by cooperating with UNOCHA and Guatemala government, Good Neighbors Guatemala is currently surveying the regions that have not been helped and planning to conduct emergency relief in that regions.


Good Neighbors, since the eruption, have stated that the volcanic eruption is an ongoing event and Good Neighbors will continue to conduct field surveys and emergency relief to support those in need.

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  • 06/25/2018
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